An Empowered Life begins with a Healthy Life!

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Trainer | Mentor | Entrepreneur

Graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Wife | Mom | Sister | Friend | Grandma | Ski Bum | Wanna-Be-Yogi

Lover of the Great Outdoors & the Journey of Life


I cannot be your Guru (no one can, as no one else has your answers!) ~

But it would be my privilege to be your Partner, Guide & Mentor!


Let's create a  Wellness Revolution Together!

Training, Holistic Wellness and Entrepreneurship

are not just my passion, they are my obsession!

Let me partner with you in 

Living Your Greatness

through joyfully ALIGNING Body, Mind, Spirit & Lifestyle!

Heck Yea!

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If you were walking into my home I would offer you a refreshing drink and delish snack.  I am Italian… it is in my DNA!

Since we are getting to know each other through the wonders of technology, I will do my best to make you feel just as welcome visiting my website as I hope you would experience coming to my home.

Have you ever gone to a website and been unclear on EXACTLY what it is the person does, or how they can serve you? Well, I LOVE CLARITY! So I am going to break that “marketing rule” and spell it out for you:

Let's Chat! I would love to visit with you ~

When you find that place inside you...

Where ANYTHING is possible...

Then you are Living Your Greatness!