I absolutely believe that….

An  Empowered Life begins with a Healthy Life!

 I AM passionate about

Living an Empowered Life ~

I AM passionate about

Living a Healthy Life ~

…in Body, Mind, Soul & Lifestyle!

I AM passionate about Living a Life of Wellness & Fulfillment ~

And more than ever, a life of Grace & Joy!

And yes, I absolutely do believe it is possible to

“Have It All”.


Let me back up a bit and “get personal”.

Living Healthy changes E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

Yes, it really does!  For much of my life I did not believe this.  I grew up with Captain Crunch and Twinkies. I thought healthy meant to add a side of canned peaches to boxed mac & cheese. Seems hard to believe that now, but true!

I spent many years as a Life Empowerment Trainer.  During that time I became aware of so many people who had huge visions for their life, yet could not get off the couch. 


» I experienced young moms who desperately wanted to “show up” for their children, but had no energy for anything other than survive.

» I partnered with CEO’s of large corporations and small business owners working 80 hour weeks, stressed to the max barely able to put their plans into action simply because their bodies could not keep up with the pace.

» I coached brilliant students with on-going “brain fog”, living off energy drinks and fast food attempting to push through it.


The list goes on, but you get the idea. I experienced all of the above within my own life and more.  I grew up athletic, active and strong… but struggled to retain that vibrancy.  I had no idea why as I thought I was doing all the “right things”. 


Now, let’s back up even more.....

As a 14 year old teenager,

I had the blessing of experiencing my mom decide to take her own life. 

Yes, you read that correct, I did say blessing.

Does that sound harsh?

If you could see the picture I see, you would know why I say blessing.

Absolutely, I would of loved for her life to have looked differently…

but this was her journey and I have learned to see it from a deep sense of gratitude.



Fast forward back to present….. Knowing what I now know, I can clearly see that implementing nutrition, holistic wellness and mindfulness into her lifestyle would have made a massive difference. And that massive difference in her health could have propelled her to make different choices to support her in an empowered life. 

Obviously, I do not know for sure… but one thing I do know: her lifestyle choices significantly impacted her mindset and ultimately her life.  

It was during the time as an Empowerment Trainer I started to be highly conscious of the connection between


Body, Mind, Spirit & Lifestyle.


This connection was amplified again later as I moved into the corporate world and experienced a period of complete adrenal fatigue and the roller coaster associated with it.

It impacted E.V.E.R.Y. aspect of my life. 

No corner was untouched by this health challenge. It impacted my body, my thoughts, my sleep, my relationships, my work, my emotions, literally everything. I felt powerless, defeated and frustrated. I knew that was not true, but at my lowest, that was how I was feeling.


(Tangent for a moment… this is why I am so passionate about assisting others

to find that Divine Light that lives at the core of us all. 

I simply continued to cling to that Light as I fought my way back to “ME”. )


That experience took me down a path of completing certification at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The knowledge as a certified Health & Wellness Consultant along with my experience as an Empowerment Trainer allows me to be very effective in assisting others on the path to creating their own vision of a Healthy and Empowered Life.

How was it possible.. by this point in my life I had a loving husband, a happy family life, adorable grandkiddos, and making a 6 figure paycheck….  and I was incredibly unhappy? The health challenges spilled over into every aspect of my physical, mental and emotional life.  

What was wrong with me?? (NOT a powerful question at any level, but that is a topic for another time!) I could no longer ignore it… something had to shift.  Sometimes life hits us over the head with a 2×4 as a way of getting us to take an honest look.

Have you ever HONESTLY asked yourself this question?…

or perhaps you ask yourself this question every day. 

I know I did! 


Part of that answer was to know with certainty my life purpose was in a different direction.  I am deeply grateful for those years in corporate because (in addition to meeting amazing people and creating lifelong friends), I gained invaluable experience that now assists me as I partner with corporate clients.  I have a clear understanding of the unique set of circumstance they face every day.

Many thought I was crazy as I stepped away from the solid work and six figure paycheck.

But I was exhausted, burned out & struggling terribly with my health and well-being.

Even more importantly, I felt completely unfulfilled and empty.

I wanted to be a contribution in some way… not just collect a paycheck. 

I wanted to truly make a difference. 

I could no longer ignore the deep desire that there could be so much more! It was time to create a new reality. It did not happen overnight, but I have never looked back or been more fulfilled than I now am as I have the joy of encouraging and empowering others to consciously create their life by

DESIGN rather than DEFAULT! 

Live YOUR version of Greatness!

Live Life Unlimited!

Yes, it is absolutely possible!

This is not ME telling YOU how to live your life….

This is ME sharing with YOU….

This simple, universal truth:

The JOY of living a

Holistic, Aligned, Empowered Lifestyle

Is incredibly FREEING!

Each of us must walk our own journey.

But the journey is so much more SWEET when we walk together.

It would be my privilege to partner with you!

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My Approach:

As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Trainer (through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) along with many years experience as an Empowerment Trainer and Corporate Trainer, my expertise is in being able to assist people:

   »»  In tapping into that part of them that KNOWS at a core level anything is possible

   »»  To empower people to connect (or re-connect) with that space inside them that says “I may have failed a hundred times, but I know there is a way”…

   »»  To support someone in listening to that “inner voice” that refuses to give up…

   »»  To let go of “being delicate” and simply say what gets to be said – graciously honoring your space while still being honest and direct. Wishy-washy is not one of my nick-names…

   »»  To always see your Greatness, even when you may not…

   »»  To cut through the BS and get to the bottom line so we can begin to build on truth…

   »»  To support you on YOUR path, not my idea of your path…

If you are looking for someone to give you step by step instructions on how to live your life, I am NOT the partner for you. Only YOU have that gift! (And I would say be wary of someone who tells you to blindly follow them... You were given the gifts to guide your own destiny and reality... trust that!)

HOWEVER, If you are looking for someone who can partner with you, creating a blueprint for your life that is uniquely yours then what a team we could be!

While I work with a variety of individuals, my primary focus is partnering with busy professionals who are seeking assistance in creating a vibrant, holistic lifestyle within their extremely full schedules. Also, those who are experiencing the significant and serious effects of on-going stress.

As a certified Health & Wellness Trainer, I have the tools and training to step you through the confusion and misinformation that surrounds us.

As an Empowerment Trainer, I can support you in moving forward, letting go of beliefs that do not serve your highest good, and holding a mirror up so you continue to see your own Greatness as YOU transform your life!

The good news is: No one can walk this path for you other than YOU!

But I have walked my own WELLNESS transformation. 

Creating clarity and alignment empowered me to take my life to a place of JOY

I never believed possible.

It would be my blessing to partner with you!

Let’s connect….

Ready to make a change... Naturally & Joyfully? CLICK HERE to send me a note ~ so we can connect!

When you find that place inside you...

Where ANYTHING is possible...

Then you are Living Your Greatness!