I absolutely believe that..... 

Many of us have been taught that a Healthy life means counting calories and fat grams, discipline, harsh rules, no pain no gain, tough love, blah, blah, blah….

Deep breath! Wow, just saying those words feels heavy!

What if our focus was on NOURISHING, RESTORING and ALIGNING?  What if WELLNESS was more about creating a holistic lifestyle rather than a specific size? Of course releasing extra weight is important to wellness – but perhaps that happens naturally as a result of something other than mistreating our bodies and beating ourselves up.


How do these words FEEL to you: 


NOURISH – to sustain, to supply what is necessary for life, for health, for growth, to cherish, to foster, to strengthen, to build up, to develop, to grow stronger, to encourage

RESTORE – to bring back to original state, to renew, rebuild, repair, refresh, strengthen, revive, reinforce

ALIGN – to create congruency, agreement, partnership

HOLISTIC – to intimately connect the parts to create a whole, a complete system, integrated, universal


Does that FEEL different?


We are not talking about a rigid set of rules… on the contrary!!

It is a Mindset

A Practice

A Lifestyle

A State of Being

A Conscious & Expansive way to live

An Honoring of Self…

Creating an empowered, holistic life of WELLNESS can be a joyful, graceful, insightful (and yes, occasionally challenging) evolution of uncovering and implementing your version of Living Your Greatness!

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