I am deeply grateful for all those whose path I have crossed. 

An amazing TRIBE is a true Blessing!

From my Heart to yours.... 

Working with Terri has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life.  It is not often that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself. Terri showed me how to do this. In addition to listening, Terri equipped me with the tools that I needed to deal with the challenges life threw my way. Recently Terri coached me through one of the biggest decisions I have made in my life so far, and it was because of her guidance and support that I felt I had the confidence to make these decisions. I am now living a bold life that I love and will continue to use what I have learned from her coaching for years to come. I am looking forward to continued partnership with Terri in my personal and professional life.  What a joy it is to begin to dream again and see the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you Terri.

Debi B. – Glendale AZ

I’ve known Terri for over 10 years and had the privilege of being in many seminars and conferences with her as well as being the recipient of her powerful presence as a speaker and facilitator. Terri’s warm and welcoming personality makes everyone around her feel like they’ve been reunited with and old friend. She has the ability to speak in a clear, honest and direct manner without making people feel uncomfortable or defensive. Everything she say’s is out of love and her desire to truly inspire people to live their best lives. She truly takes what seems impossible and breaks it down into doable steps to achieve anything you desire. She always sees the potential and possibilities in people’s dreams and is a truly inspiring cheerleader, mentor and trusted guide for anyone looking to live their greatest life! It is a true honor and blessing to know her.

Debbie F. – Layton UT

Terri has a keen ability to harness wisdom, honesty and emotional / spiritual intelligence and uses these strengths while she guides and coaches in a powerful and effective manner.  When I leave her, I am always left with a greater knowing of how I can move forward on my journey with more joy, strength and clarity. Terri brings a rare mix of energies to the table in her work, actually in everything she does. She is powerfully clear and intuitive. She is a master at delivering feedback that is both brilliantly honest and empowering. Her ability to sit with people from all walks of life, from CEO to intern, and be a partner with these folks in creating greater good in their life is powerful. When I faced a challenge directly in front of me, often one that seemed like a brick wall, Terri has often assisted me in dismantling it, one brick at a time, so I could see my own path – bringing me back to a place of clarity. She is a powerful force… an ally in the journey of becoming my full potential – personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Dave B. – Denver CO


I have had the pleasure of knowing Terri for 12 years.  I first met her at an empowerment program.  I was initially impressed with Terri’s enthusiasm, professionalism & spiritual demeanor and her ability to successfully teach and inspire.  After many years of knowing Terri, I can attest to her phenomenal character. She undoubtedly exemplifies compassion, charity and nurturing abilities, along with intelligence and positive disposition which empowers and inspires others to succeed.   Her ability to connect and motivate people around her is a shining example of her unwavering commitment to the human spirit.

Tracy J. – Riverton UT

Terri is such an amazing woman and I have witnessed her inspire many people with her thoughts and insights.  She  is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with and the results are huge!

Pamela H. – Taylorsville UT

Terri is a brilliant trainer, speaker and coach. Terri personally coached me to create phenomenal breakthroughs in my own life, which directly led me down a path to starting my own successful business and creating a life I always dreamed of but never thought possible. Then to see Terri’s brilliance shine on my stage when I had her emcee a woman’s conference I produced that hosted over 200 attendees and some big name speakers, was another aspect of Terri that brought incredible value to hundreds of lives at that event. I was completely confident in Terri’s ability to create the energy in the room I wanted for my debut event. I highly recommend Terri not only as a trainer, coach and speaker, but who she is on and off stage is remarkable. She is a woman of high integrity who is committed to excellence and providing value to everyone she comes in contact with.

Angella J. – Salt Lake City UT

I have worked with Terri in many different roles.  I have had the opportunity to have her as a trainer and experienced her being confident, powerful, loving, passionate and extremely effective. She has definitely made a big difference in my life and influenced me in a powerful and positive way. I also know that to be true with many others. She has a keen sense of knowing where a person is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  She can tap into their intuition and assist them in moving forward however works best for them. She is very compassionate and cares about people and looks for ways to be of service to them. Terri has served me on a number of occasions and I am consistently grateful for the part she has played in my life. She has lovingly coached me to be a better person by magnifying my strengths and using those strengths to assist me forward. When Terri speaks she does so with clarity and power and draws in her audience. She is able to leave them with a positive experience and a personal drive to be a better person. I would highly recommend Terri for coaching, training, speaking and any other role where she is involved with assisting people in taking their life to the next level. She does an excellent job, genuinely cares for each person and sincerely connects with you.

Monica G. – Redondo Beach CA

Terri is passionate and powerful – a true leader at every turn. She is wise and utilizes that wisdom at each step.  She is quickly able to see all sides of a situation and step into the path that is for the highest good for all. She embraces all sides of herself – creating true balance. I have seen her covered in mud, in grubbies and also beautifully attired in a business suit or evening wear. In each of these experiences she has remained without pretense or apology for who she is – always in her magnificence.

Janet J. – Logan UT